Sugar Daddy Stories - Real Sugar Daddy Dating Experiences

The sugar daddy business has been on for quite some time now. It has now been accepted by a large portion of younger people as one of the new lifestyle during recent years. There are a lot of girls out there with stories about the business making it more of a lifestyle as opposed to a business arrangement. However, not all of them have real successful stories and this is because, not all have grasped the real idea behind sugar daddy/baby type of relationship. To make it big on this, you must be a real sugar baby who is young, intellectual and ready to meet with older rich guys. A sugar daddy on the other hand has to be rich and willing to spend on these sugar babies. Many newbie who want to give sugar dating a try would wonder if there are success stories that they can read for reference. Or there are people who are just curious about this mysterious lifestyle. We have collected some of the real sugar daddy stories (we just didn't use their real name of them) for your reference below. Hopefully they can give you an idea of the aspects you would like to know about the sugar daddy dating thing.

Different sugar dating stories

There different stories about the sugar dating arrangements, some of young girls living the life of their dreams while other stories are of girls who got it all wrong. The difference in all these comes as a result of one's perspective about the arrangements. When either the sugar baby or the sugar daddy decides to approach the relationship in a different angle, it could mean either failure or success. Let's look at some of the stories from ladies ranging from college girls to young working-class women.

College girl turned to sugar daddy dating for tuition

pay tuition Judith a college girl in her 20s from Australia decided to try her luck on one of the famous sugar daddy websites after struggling with college fee and her upkeep. She grew up with little exposure as thus she was reluctant to meet with any dates at first. Later when she had gathered up some courage she decided to go out and hang out with this guy who was of the same age as her father. The first thing in sugar baby business, girls have to come into terms with the fact that they will be dating men who might be of huge age difference. Judith got Jay, a business man who was ready to spoil her with gifts and paying her bills and tuition. Since then she has been able to be meet all her needs besides travelling first class to many destinations around the world. Before then she had never travelled nor even taken a vacation but now its all she dreams about. When asked, Judith has no plan of letting Jay go, she plans to continue with him even after college or even after securing a job.

Business woman expanded her social circle and career through sugar dating

social-circle Jessica is a 30 years old banker who got into the sugar baby arrangement while still in college. For her she got influenced by her friends but it was not that rosy at first, she met with various sugar daddies who were not as she expected. She talks of how her social skills were shaky and being one of the biggest assets that sugar babies should have, she never enjoyed it to much. It is after getting a job and being unable to keep stable relationships that she decided to go back to seeking a sugar daddy and this time armed with impeccable social skills. She also had learnt about banking and could tell between those willing to spoil her and the stingy type to avoid. She takes the sugar daddy arrangement as a job too and she goes out with different men. Jessica can now comfortably live the life she has always admired and she also gets to attend to her personal issues. She has even landed clients through dating these rich men and this has helped her to scale up in her employment ladder.

The sugar daddy that sponsored his sugar baby

sugardaddyAlan, 61 years old, has been a sugar daddy for about 10 years now and he admits to be spending a lot on these sugar babies. He owns various companies and he is an investor in real estate in Miami. He has never been married although he has kids with two women. He says that sugar babies are worthy every penny he spends on them, as they help him have fun in all aspects. He is currently seeing Kattie, a college student who he pays for the upkeep and thousands of dollars in gifts and treats. He bought $20,000 sports car for her as a birthday gift. He is comfortable to spoil her as their arrangement seems solid and mutually beneficial. He understands the busy life of a college student and the hardships that's why he enjoys sponsoring Kattie to live better and in return he gets her company even while travelling along. He says he is willing to keep her as long as she is comfortable with it.

The not so successful story

not-successThe story of Fiona is another of an arrangement that turned her life around but not in a good way at least. She is in her mid-30s and leaves in Chicago. During her college days she dated many sugar daddies and she started with local men before she found more interesting men from oversees. She narrates of how many men would spoil her while others would try to take advantage of her vulnerability, exploiting her to an extend of feeling abused. She latter left the arrangements and tried building a life of her own but it has since failed. At 30 she still thinks she needs to be spoiled by a man for her to like him, this has taken a toll on her relationships forcing her to bring up her two kids as a single parent. She blames the sugar/daddy arrangement for changing her perspective on marriages and how women should be treated. Fiona still hopes to make a sugar 'wife' to some old rich guy who will take care of her up until she is old.


Sugar daddy/ baby arrangements are a lifestyle in the modern world and many young girls are living beyond their means off these arrangements. The challenges are there and they pop up whenever one has conflicting ideas of what the arrangement is all about. There are however, many who have been able to achieve a lot through as long as both partners understands what it is that they need to offer in the arrangement. The secret lies in finding the right site for the arrangement and following it up with knowing what it takes to be a real sugar baby, how to appear interesting to the sugar daddies and how to be safe while in these arrangements.