How to Get A Sugar Daddy to Give You Money

allowanceIt goes without saying that the relationship you have with a sugar daddy is going to be unlike any other that you have had before, up to a point. While you will still do many of the things that you would do in a “regular” relationship, there will also be an expectation that you may be looked after financially. While it is certainly possible to meet a man who wants to take care of you as much as possible during sugar daddy dating. Mist relationships still work on the basic principle that both partners do their part on the financial side of things.

Keep it Straight Forward

When you get into a sugar baby/daddy relationship, it is probably a good idea to have an open discussion about the arrangement before it all begins. While your sugar daddy is probably going to be more than happy to provide you with nice things. And potentially even a place of your own, fully paid for, he is going to expect something in return. Before you ask for money, consider what it is that you want out of the relationship. If it’s just money, it’s an arrangement that may not last very long.

Be Honest

Simply put, you need to make it clear what you are and are not willing to do when you have a sugar daddy, which often comes down to whether sex is part of the equation. Some sugar babies like to leave sex off the table for a variety of reasons, which is something that needs to be made clear at the beginning. A sugar daddy will be much more open to giving you money if you are open, honest, and straightforward from the beginning. While this is an arrangement of sorts, there still needs to be honesty, trust, and a genuine connection.

Meet The Expectation

For many sugar daddies, the whole idea of getting into this type of relationship is so that they can have a beautiful woman on their arm while on vacation or at business meetings. With that in mind, you are likely to gather a whole lot more honey if you go out of your way to look and act the part of a doting partner. Dress for the occasion and show your sugar daddy that you care by being attentive and fun to be around. Living up to, and perhaps even exceeding, your end of the bargain will usually result in more money and nice things from your sugar daddy.

The Mutual Agreement

One reason why an arrangement needs to be worked out at the start of the relationship is because it can take money somewhat out of the equation. Instead of constantly feeling as though you need to ask for money, an arrangement can be made where you receive some sort of regular allowance. This could be in the form of rent, a shopping allowance, or whatever else you and your sugar daddy deem to be acceptable within the relationship. Asking for money can sometimes feel awkward, which is why an allowance may well be the best way to go.