I Need a Sugar Daddy To Pay My Bills?

I need a sugar daddyDoes anyone really, truly, need a sugar daddy? First, let's recap what a sugar daddy is then we can figure out if anyone really needs one. A sugar daddy is a person, often a man hence the "daddy" part of the title, that is well off in life - i.e., rich. This well to do person is usually lonely or just fond of having some "eye candy" on their arm at key social events. A sugar baby, often the female, is someone that is willing to make themselves available to a sugar daddy whenever needed. Sugar babies that are smart about the arrangement have things they need to do in this relationship available in writing. Now that we have the basics covered, let's discuss whether you are in the "I need a sugar daddy" category or not.

What Makes A Sugar Baby?

Most sugar babies are young, or young looking, and fit certain criteria that attract older men. This is not a requirement, just more of a general expectation if you are thinking of becoming a sugar baby. Not all sugar daddies are looking for the young cheerleader that has a hard body - though don't take offense if that is what you see requested the most in your efforts in this field.

Okay, you are still interested in getting a sugar daddy and are not deterred by the possible side effects it could have on your self esteem or fitness regime. Why would you need or want a sugar daddy? Let's take trip down that proverbial road and see where it leads us.

Reasons Why "I Need A Sugar Daddy To Pay My Bills"

First, you may be thinking sugar daddies are only going to give you gifts for looking good. Wrong. While your benefits received depends greatly on how your agreement with your sugar daddy is set up. I know, I know, you are squarely in the "I need a sugar daddy" category, if you weren't you wouldn't still be reading this.

I need a sugar daddy to pay my bills is an often heard statement by sugar babies. That is fine, you have, a fairly basic, goal to shoot for in this business arrangement. That is not what many sugar babies want out of their sugar daddies, and it is certainly not the only thing that you can receive as a benefit in these arrangements.

Travel Needs

Travel is a goal that many have when entering the sugar relationship. For most sugar babies, traveling much farther than the next state over is often out of the question. Once they find a well off sugar daddy though, the next state over may become just a passing memory as they are touring other countries and experiencing those cultures. If you are not into travel that is fine as it is just one more thing you can receive as a gift for your time with your sugar daddy.

Fancy Vehicles

Many well to do people have more vehicles than they can drive at once, this is a status symbol they are more than willing to share with their sugar babies. After all, who doesn't like hearing from colleagues and friends "wasn't that your girl driving your Porsche 911 (or other status symbol vehicle of choice) yesterday/downtown/last weekend?" It is an ego booster to know that your friends and colleagues see a beautiful young woman enjoying the fruits of your labors. There is nothing stopping you from being that person cruising in a $100k+ vehicle. Just don't get a scratch on it and you are good.

Fancy dinners, social events, galas and more are additional points of the high life that are open to a sugar baby if she is able to get the right sugar daddy. You may be rubbing elbows with the next First Lady of the United States if you play your cards right. The sky is the limit for a sugar baby that has goals in life and is not afraid to go after them. While you may start the sugar life with the idea of "I need a sugar daddy to pay my bills" it doesn't have to end there. Enjoy the sugar life and when your sugar daddy is too boring for you, move onto the next one and enjoy more of life's joys.