Types Of Babies Who Are Seeking Arrangements

sugar babiesWhen you are looking for a sugar baby on sugar daddy websites, there are many types of sugar babies that you will come across. The most common ones are:

The cash sugar baby

While we all know that most of the sugar daddy-sugar baby agreements are mainly found on money, there are a few sugar babies that will want something extra in addition to the money. For example, there are those that won't go out with you unless you have certain qualities. The cash sugar baby is different—she is only interested in your money.

She will let you know the amount of allowance that you have to commit to in order to be in her life. While she is only money oriented, the cool thing with most of these sugar babies is that they are ready to give you value for your money. This means that they will give you all the services that you want. She will willingly accompany you on all your trips. She will also not deny you sex.

The spoiled sugar baby

In most cases, a spoiled sugar baby is one that is working, earning her money, and comfortably taking care of her living bills. While this is the case, she can't live the expensive life of a wealthy person and that is what she will be looking from you—the sugar daddy. Unlike the cash sugar baby that requires you to agree to a monthly allowance, this one often doesn't require you to commit to it. All she wants is for you to take her to expensive hotels, jet rides, and cruises.

The business baby

This is an ambitious, intelligent, entrepreneurial lady. She will be a little older thus will most likely be able to hold a complex conversation. A business baby may not require you to commit to a monthly allowance but she won't object to it. She may also not necessary be interested in being spoiled but she won't mind accompanying you to expensive cruises especially if they are business related.

This baby will most likely be interested in sugar daddies in business; therefore, she might be picky. When you are with her, you should expect to have long discussions about business. She will also ask you to lend her money to expand her business. In rare cases, she will ask you to be her business partner. This is common if she envisions you being together for a long time.

The marry me sugar baby

This sugar baby has been around for a long time and she wants to be exclusive with you. Unlike the other sugar babies, she wants you to commit and marry her. She will want you to treat her like a wife (read a high maintenance wife). The cool thing with this one is that once you have made a commitment, you don't have to worry about her having other men as she has already settled down with you.

The college baby

This is a young sugar baby looking for someone to give her a good life and chip in paying her tuition. Since she is young, she will want you to pay for her housing outside of college, pay for her transportation and take care of her other bills. In some cases, she may want to be spoiled by being taken to exotic hotels but this isn't of great importance to her. She will be mainly interested in your money to take care of basic bills. As a young person, she wants to show her friends that she has a good looking man; therefore, she might be choosy on who she goes out with. In most cases, she will have other men (of her age) thus you shouldn't be the jealous type if interested in the college baby.

The mommy baby

This one has a kid or two and little money to finance their life; therefore, she is looking for someone who will help her in paying for rent, transportation and other bills. As a mother the mommy baby's main focus is in the family. She is a caretaker thus she will be doing everything that she can to support her family while keeping you (the sugar daddy) happy. Unlike the college baby that regularly has college boys in her life, you don't have to worry of the mommy baby having other affairs. As long as you take good care of her, she will be loyal to you.

These are the main types of sugar babies that you will come across as a sugar daddy. To avoid complications, you should settle on the arrangement that works the best for you.