Tips On How To Be A Good Sugar Daddy

sugar daddyGood sugar babies don’t come around often; therefore, when you find one, you should take good care of her. Here are tips on how to be a good sugar daddy:

Meet her needs

The sugar baby has dedicated her life to you. She accompanies you to events, provides you with company, and even has sex with you. As a sugar daddy, it’s your responsibility to keep here happy by meeting her needs. You should take care of her apartment’s rent, pay for her upkeep, and take care of her other financial needs. If you don’t do this she will leave you for another person who can do it on some sugar daddy sites.

Settle on an agreement early into the relationship

The sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship is a mutual arrangement between two consenting adults. As a good sugar daddy, you should come up with an agreement that stipulates what you expect. You should agree on the time and days that you will be meeting, where you will be meeting, how you will be making the payments, and other details. When you make it clear what you expect and what you expect her to do, you give the impression that you are a serious sugar daddy thus the sugar baby will take you seriously and be royal.

Stick to the agreement

A lot of reports have been made of sugar daddies going against the agreement. Some sugar daddies have been reported failing to pay the agreed monthly allowances and still want to hang out with the sugar baby. Remember that the sugar baby is going out of her way to make you happy thus you should meet your side of the bargain. A sugar baby has no reason to be with you if you don’t give her the life that she wants. To keep her happy and show that you are a gentleman, always give her what you promised.

Never be violent

I’m sure you have heard of sugar daddies that turn violent on their sugar babies. This is common for men who feel that they have right over the sugar babies just because they are fueling their lives. Most of these men will feel as if they own the sugar babies because they are giving them money.

While you are giving her money, she creates time for you, gives you all the attention, keeps you happy, and also has sex with you. In short, you will be paying her for her services. While you are giving her money, she shouldn’t be violated. In fact, most sugar babies will leave you if you turn violent regardless of the amount of money that you are giving her. To have an easy time with your sugar baby, be a gentleman. Show her love, attention and never threaten or hit her.


These are tips on how to be a great sugar daddy. While you will be paying the sugar baby, choose a sugar baby who isn’t in the relationship only for the money. She should be fun, intelligent, and have similar interests as you.