SeekingArrangement App – Are you looking for that?

SeekingArrangement AppAs one of the leading sugar dating site in the online dating world, SeekingArrangement must be the star website. It has got the most exposure among popular mass media. Although there are always controversial voices about the site and even about the whole sugar dating industry, SeekingArrangement has gained a huge amount of their fans. According to Similarweb, SeekingArrangemnt has a monthly visit of around 8 million. And their major traffic comes from USA, UK, Canada, Mexico and France.

Also, according to Google Adwords, there is a large number of search volume for the site on Goolge. You can't deny how popular it is in recent years since there is actual data that can stand for it. And along with the popularity of their PC site, there are the demands for SeekingArrangement apps.

Why are people looking for SeekingArrangement app?

With the rise of modern technology, the dating trend has also changed a little bit. Dating has moved from personal computer to mobile devices. It is more easy and convenient for people to use the site on their mobile phone. They can chat and have nice conversations wherever they go at anytime. Think about that you are having a nice conversation with some potential match while you are sitting in a coffee shop. Nice? Huh?

Except for the convenience that app brings, it would also be more private. You may share a computer with your family members or colleagues. And it might be somewhat uncomfortable to let others know about it. But nearly everyone has their own mobile phone and people would feel more comfortable to use it in a more private way. So as we have mentioned above, a lot people are now searching for SeekingArrangement app to use on their mobile devices.

Can you get SeekingArrangement app?

If you are the IOS device user thinking about downloading the app from the app store then you may get disappointed. Due to the policy of Apple, the ios app of SeekingArrangement has been down for quite a long time. And it's a guess that they may take a long time and lot of effort to get it back to the store. Meanwhile, their android app is currently up online for downloading. We actually recommend registering the account on their PC site and then download their app for everyday use if you are an Android user.

What happens if you are an IOS device user? Then unfortunately, there is no app for you to use. However, you don't have to worry about it. We have other recommendations as alternative. We know there is also exception for people who are searching for SeekingArrangement apps. Not all of them are looking exactly for the app of this particular site. Some of them are also seaching for apps and websites that work just like SeekingArrangement. In other words, they are also searching for other sugar daddy dating apps.

The alternative

The good news is that we do have recommendation as substitute of SeekingArrangement app. SugarDaddyMeet is another really popular sugar daddy dating website that with both IOS and Android apps online. And they do have easy to use mobile version if you want to use the site on your mobile but don't want to bother to download the app. But again, as a tip for you to save your money, we also recommend registering the new account on their PC site and download their app for later use. This way, it would be more cost effective to upgrade your membership through their PC version than upgrading via their app. At last, we wish you the luck in seeking your ideal arrangement.