4 Rules You Should Observe As An Arrangement Seeker

arrangement seekerIf you just started seeing a sugar daddy there are some rules that you should observe for you to have a great relationship with him. Here are the rules:

Rule #1: Never give a potential sugar daddy what he wants

Most new sugar babies show a lot of attention to potential sugar daddies just because he shows some interest. The sugar babies, pick calls, encourage long conversations, show up when asked to and even go to the extreme of sleeping with the potential sugar daddy.

I know you are excited to have the attention of a sugar daddy but you shouldn’t give him what he wants. Sugar daddies want fun, company, and sex. To be on the safe side you should never give him any of these if you haven’t got into an arrangement. Unless you have had a formal meeting and discussed the nature of your relationship, you shouldn’t encourage the calls, make yourself available, or have sex with him.

Rule #2: Never fall in love with the sugar daddy

Many sugar babies have reported falling in love with their sugar daddies which often doesn’t end well. It’s common to let your emotions cloud your judgment when the sugar daddy treats you well. Since he is older, successful, and more knowledgeable, it’s common for him to open doors for you, pay for all your bills, hold long and exciting conversations, and have a great personality. If you aren’t used to getting this kind of treatment you can easily fall in love with him, which is catastrophic.

To avoid falling for him you should make money your main focus. If he has a great personality and treats you well, that is good but always aim for the pocket. If he doesn’t fuel your lifestyle, you should stop seeing him.

Rule #3: Always be on the lookout for potential sugar daddies

When you are seeing a serious sugar daddy, it’s recommended that you give him all the attention. While you are at it, you should remember that the sugar daddy is married, won’t marry you, and can leave you anytime. To avoid being in distress when he leaves, you should keep your options open by regularly meeting potential sugar daddies.

Rule #4: Cut him loose if he doesn’t give you what you want

Remember that you are in the relationship solely for the money. He should pay for your bills and provide you with anything that you want. In return, you should provide company, fun, and sometimes sex. If you have been on a number of dates with the sugar daddy and he can’t commit to what you are asking for, he is probably not the right one for you. Such sugar daddies want to have sex with you and leave, so you should cut them loose before they take advantage of you and waste your time.

These are the rules that you should follow as a sugar baby in order to have a great relationship with your sugar daddy. If he isn’t ready to offer you what you want, he isn’t worth your time.