Rules On How To Be A Sugar Baby

how to be a sugar babyWhen one has decided that they want to pursue these sugar daddy/baby dating, they must know what it takes to be called a sugar baby. There are some rules that when followed they translate into success in this career, whereby the longer you able to keep a client and the faster you get them, the more successful you are. Apart from all the work that you put in, here are some of the rules that you must follow.

Keep it real on the identity

Many times you will want to have a character online that brings you clients and one that is exceptional, however, make sure that it truly reflects who you are in real life. One may go all the way to outline all the characters that they think the clients wants only to be a significant setback when the real dating happens. Be as genuine as possible, and that goes for everything else like dressing and accessorizing. Keep it real as sugar daddies despise pretenders.

Work on yourself and realize what you want

The most prominent step is always deciding what you want to do with your life, knowing yourself helps in making these decisions. Being a sugar baby means letting someone else experience your sugar side, work on that and know how to keep it. This will also help you when going through the numerous potential sugar profiles to be able to pick the right match for yourself. You should be patient as the step of self-realization does not just happen. Also, the beginning of this sugar dating must be taken slowly as you learn what you can handle and what you cannot.

Be smart and flexible

The sugar baby lifestyle is that of fun and flexibility; you have to be smart to learn that for you to get all that you want you have to give up something. For example, when the sugar daddy abruptly decides that they want to take you with them for a business trip abroad, you must adjust your other plans and do precisely that. Being smart also entails knowing your place as a sugar baby, these men are in for fun so do not be nagging or appear overly dependent on them.

Do not fall in love

This is perhaps one of the golden rules when it comes to sugar daddy dating business. These men are busy, so it is best to trend in this sort of arrangement with rationale. Keep emotions out of it, and indeed, this will help in avoiding dramas and other misunderstandings that arise from heartbreaks. Have fun with your head and body but not your heart.


As a Sugar baby, you must always be cautious, and your safety must be a priority at all times. Use genuine and verified sites to get these hookups and when you have found your match, stick to your set terms. It is a career and therefore treats it as such, only that you can have lots of fun while at it.