Is Being A Sugar Baby Legal?

Is being a sugar baby legal? This is a question that many struggles with and in different states and cities such as the US, Australia, Canada and even in UK sugar baby business is there and thriving. However, the bond of contention comes about when one cannot differentiate between sugar baby-daddy arrangements and prostitution.

Prostitution is defined as any form of transaction carried out in terms of cash or material exchange for sex. The arrangement is direct and explicit in that the sex must happen immediately. In some states, even any act of seduction in public places is considered prostitution and illegal. In many countries, prostitution is illegal as it is seen as a catalyst to sex slavery and other vices such as rape as well as the violation of human rights mostly for the women and young girls.

On the other hand, sugar baby-daddy arrangements are designed in a way that it does not allow it to be viewed as prostitution. Even though there is sex and material or financial gains by the sugar baby's, sex is never the motivating factor.

Sugar daddies are regarded as rich philanthropists looking for young hot sugar babies to hang out with. They are mostly intended to massage their ego and advance their status in public. The sugar babies, on the other hand, are regarded as young ambitious but broke babies, craving for the finer things in life.

In these arrangements, several attributes make it different from prostitution

  • Sugar babies do not have to seduce and be naughty on the streets to attract a sugar daddy.
  • The arrangement may involve sexual favors but it is not mandatory
  • There are no fixed chargers or set amount of money for the services
  • The arrangements do not have a timeframe, they can hang out for years or even for just a day.
  • The sugar daddy has to be respectful and cannot order the sugar baby around; there is some level of mutual respect.
  • Sugar babies can accompany a sugar daddy to events and even appears publicly with him if they are both okay with it.
  • Sugar babies can receive more than just money, for example, they get to fly in private jets, expensive gifts like cars and other treats
  • Sugar babies at times they end up being married to these sugar daddies after dating for a while. This is to indicate that some emotional connections are more likely to happen in these sorts of arrangements.
  • The arrangements involve more dating and pampering as opposed to the casual sex trade in the prostitution industry.
  • Some sugar daddy/baby sites require one to have a clean bill of health and ensure regular checkups.

Sugar baby arrangements are designed to be fun and in most sites prostitution is discouraged. The sites monitor their member and escort services are also prohibited in some of the sites. This is to indicate that there is a clear cut between being a sugar baby and being in prostitution. It is best, however, to check what the law states about these arrangements in the different regions..