How to Become a Sugar Baby

how to become a sugar babyBecoming a sugar baby is not an easy task to accomplish. While some can just wake up and make the decision to become a Sugar baby and they are off to a life of fun and sun. Others have to put more work into their effort at this lifestyle. That is why we are going to tell you the following.

How to become a sugar baby in a few easy steps

If anyone tells you that becoming a successful sugar baby is an easy task, they are flat out lying to you. Becoming a sugar baby is a job and just like any other job, requires effort and dedication on your part. It is not an easy job either but the rewards can be immense if handled correctly. That is the intent of this guide - helping you become a successful sugar baby.

First and foremost, pick a persona and keep to that persona whenever you are dealing with your sugar daddy. This is your image. This is what will attract or repulse prospective sugar daddies. That means this is the most important part of your job as a sugar baby. Your persona should be one that is close to who you really are so that it is easier to keep with as little effort as possible. Don't handle your image correctly and it is bye bye to your sugar daddy and your days of lounging in the lap of luxury.

Okay, now that you have your sugar baby image ready, you can begin looking for a sugar daddy. How you become a sugar baby could take many turns and force you to face many challenges. We won't be able to cover them all here so just be prepared for unforeseen things to popup in your new life.

Making use of sugar daddy dating services that specifically cater to your situation is a must. The odds of finding a sugar daddy on a traditional dating service are slim to none. They simply are not using those services. Sugar daddies are using apps that go that extra mile to protect privacy and their situations. That means you have to use those same services if you plan on attracting your very own sugar daddy.

What's next?

You have a sugar daddy on the line now and are not sure what to do with him. First, be honest and don't pussy foot around with your intentions. Sugar daddies are into this area of dating because they don't have time for games and other relationship activities. Study up on what your new sugar daddy stated he wanted in his profile, make that your focus but don't only be about that stuff. You have to bring something to this arrangement that will keep your sugar daddy coming back for more.

If you are adventurous then look for sugar daddies that are looking for similar things. Do not go very far out of your comfort zone as far as activities and interests as this will surely lead to your not wanting to follow through on agreements with your sugar daddy and this will negatively effect your sugar baby life. That is not how to become a sugar baby.

Okay, you have reeled in a sugar daddy and now you are to the point of figuring out what is expected and what you will receive in exchange and how often this is to happen. The only way to handle this part of the relationship is to get it all in writing. This is how you become a sugar baby - by protecting yourself in these arrangements. Sugar relationships are more like business arrangements. Make sure details are laid out include, but not limited to, how often you are to be available, where availability is to occur, exclusivity of either party, etc.

Next, don't let yourself get lazy in your role as a sugar baby. Also, don't become clingy to either your sugar daddy or his place in your life. This could lead them to leaving you and terminating the agreement with you.


Becoming a sugar baby is not an easy task. You will need to be able to think quick on your feet, be able to quickly recognize a scam artist and if someone is taking advantage of you and more. While many will make being a sugar baby seem easy, it is not. There is no short cut to making it as a sugar baby and there are no guarantees. If handled right, the right person could make a nice career out of being a sugar baby.