How Much Should a Sugar Baby Ask For?

The relationship between a sugar daddy and his sugar baby is one that is truly unique, which is why figuring out how much you should ask for can be a little tricky. You might look at the profile of a sugar daddy and see that he has a net worth of $20 million, and while that is certainly a lot of money, not all of it may be liquid. It’s not uncommon for large chunks of that money to be tied up in real estate or business ventures, which is why choosing an amount to ask for should not be based on the net worth of the sugar daddy.

When considering how much to ask for, it is also worth remembering that the amount should also not be based on how you look. Sure, you may well be the belle of the ball, but your worth is more about the time and effort you put into maintain a healthy relationship with your sugar daddy. For most sugar babies, the amount that they are looking for tends to be the amount of money that it takes to cover their lifestyle. Keep in mind that you may not always receive cash from a sugar daddy, with things like rent, clothing allowances, and college tuition often part of the agreement.

The cost of living idea is one that makes sense, which is why the amount to ask for can vary from place to place. The average monthly amount that a sugar baby receives each month comes in at around $3,000, but that does not necessarily mean that this is the amount that you should be asking for. It stands to reason that a sugar baby living somewhere like Los Angeles or New York is going to have greater expenses than one who lives in the Midwest.

Another thing to consider here is the terms of the arrangement that you make with your sugar daddy. There are some important things that need to be discussed from the start, such as how much time you will spend together, how that time is spent, whether the relationship will be exclusive, and how much you need to travel to meet up. Each arrangement is going to be totally different, which means that what may work for one sugar daddy may not be good for another. Basically, you need to settle on an amount that seems fair and equitable to you both.

One of the benefits of using sugar daday dating site is that the men tend to make their needs and expectations very clear in their profile. Many will also talk about how much they are willing to spend to keep their sugar baby happy, which gives you an idea of what to expect from the very start. Some sugar daddies will be willing to give more over time if they see that you are taking your role as a sugar baby seriously, so only go into this type of relationship if you are truly committed to it.