Forget Tinder for Sugar Daddies & Stop Looking for Sugar Daddies On Craigslist!

tinder for sugar daddiesTinder is recognized as a free dating app. However, Tinder was first launched as a social app and NOT specifically designed for dating. It has over the years adapted and become a platform for people seeking companionship, including sugar daddies and sugar babies. Hereby arises our first issue; Tinder has not, from the outset, been built upon a sound formation; it has strayed from its original mission and become a rather simplistic, often annoying, means of meeting inappropriate matches.

Why forgetting about Tinder for sugar daddies

Tinder matching is based on Facebook and Spotify profiles, profiles not necessarily relevant to a dating platform. OK, potential matches are, supposedly based upon people with compatible profiles; in truth it's all a bit hit and miss. Furthermore, this fleeting, swiping, first impression could well mean that you’ve overlooked the sugar babe of your dreams. Sugar daddies are more likely to pay good money to go on a dedicated dating site; which begs the question, who are all these so called sugar daddies on Tinder? You take my point.

Why people should stop looking for sugar daddies on Craigslist?

Really, the same arguments apply to Craigslist as they do for Tinder. Craigslist is another free site, and it's most unlikely to be frequented by rich men looking for sugar babies. Craigslist does have certain advantages, especially should you be looking for a replacement kitchen table or a second-hand set of golf clubs. But it is definitely not the place for dating, especially inappropriate for sugar daddies or sugar babies!

There are better ways to find a sugar daddy!

The best way to find a sugar daddy is to join a reputable, established dating site that has been specifically created for dating purposes. Avoid totally free, to join sites at, excuse the irony, all costs. There are, inevitably, a number of sugar daddy sites and apps in circulation; many, quite frankly, are not reputable nor ethical.

One of the most impressive and trusted apps around is the SugarDaddyMeet. Flying in the face of my previous advice, you can register on the SugarDaddyMeet site for free! However, to be eligible to enjoy all the site’s wonderful features you will, ultimately, have to pay a subscription fee; and, in truth, you probably gladly will.

The Sugar Daddy Meet sight has been long established; it first appeared in 2007. The website is easy to navigate with an array of ingenious and useful features. More importantly, the site has a huge number of wealthy sugar daddies eager to lavish gifts, cash and an extravagant lifestyle in return for the companionship of a younger women. All you need do I take a peek at their home page to get the idea.

It is a site that has, from day one, set out a clear, unambiguous mission: to match sugar daddies with sugar babies. So, no second hand sofas, no dodgy matching software and a host of kosha members. SugarDaddyMeet may not be the biggest dating site in the world, but it has a healthy membership of genuinely intentioned sugar daddies and sugar babies. Furthermore this dating platform operates upon a sound ethical foundation; taking only memberships from 'developed'countries.

Tips for Finding a Sugar Daddy on an App

1.The first tip is ensure you narrow your search to find the right sugar daddy for you. This means being absolutely clear, in your own mind, as to what type of man you're looking for. OK, rich is the first essential element but how about age, appearance, lifestyle and personality? Before committing to a dating site, think long and hard as to the kind of profile you'd like your sugar daddy to have. This will narrow the search and generate more accurate match potential.

2.Furthermore, don't fall into the trap of ambiguity! Be honest from the outset as to what it is you expect in return for your companionship. Be clear and precise; if you're looking for a regular allowance, accommodation or a new car then say so!

3.Now, find a reliable, well established, platform that specializes in sugar daddy matching.

4.However, before lurching into the unknown, remember potential sugar daddy will also have preference and 'demands'. Make sure you are absolutely clear, in your profile, as to the boundaries of the relationship; check out his CV, open up a 'chat' and enter friendly, honest discussion.

5.You will be encouraged to post photos as part of your profile; keep them tasteful! Nothing raunchy or otherwise outrageous, be smart, smiling and perhaps a little mysterious. Practice that look in the mirror.

In conclusion, be upfront with a clear agenda. Stay bright, cheerful and above all else be persistent. You probably won't find that perfect match first time, but, nevertheless, I'm sure you'll enjoy the search.